Travelling is one of the most positive ways to understand the world, its people, and yourself. Leah Adams-Chute, owner and director at Dune Creative, is passionate about sustainable tourism as a means of positive economic, social, and cultural development.

Leah has over 10 years experience working in the tourism industry. She has managed the operations of a small outdoor guiding business, created destination development plans, worked with media to tell incredible stories, and managed the global content strategy for a provincial destination marketing organization.


Dune Creative specializes in working with tourism companies, outdoor brands, and destination marketing organizations to develop strategies, tell stories, and connect with travellers worldwide.

Marketing Strategy

Digital strategies
to engage travellers.

Destination Development

Develop tourism
experiences and destinations.

Content Production

Manage photo, video, influencer,
and media production.

Video Editing

Tell your story with video and
optimize for social and advertising.

Media Relations

Work with the media to tell
captivating stories.

Advertising Creative

Create advertising messaging and
content that connects with travellers.

Writing & Editing

Write stories, edit, and fact check for
editorial, advertorial, and travel media.

Digital Marketing Learning

Provide knowledge and tools for
digital marketing, content, and more.

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Dune Creative has had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of clients.

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